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Are you looking to lose weight & look your best for a holiday or special occasion, or are you looking to kick start a new healthy regime?

The world of nutrition can be confusing, there are new ideas and diets in the media all the time; how do you know if you’re making the right decisions for you?

You've found the right place… I've studied over 100 dietary theories and I can help you find a solution.

My name’s Gee, I’m a Certified Health Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. I believe your health is your wealth. I am passionate about helping people achieve positive health goals, resulting in looking and feeling their best.

I previously worked for 10+ years, mainly in FTSE 100 companies in the city of London, in face to face business development where I learned how to understand different personality types and what motivates people, this lead me to coaching. During my career change I lived in Los Angeles for a short period and loved their healthy lifestyle, I've since studied nutrition and I decided to start my own business in health and nutrition to empower people who are ready to take action and make commitments to themselves to create a positive, more confident and healthy life.

Through my juice cleanse plans I help people lose unwanted weight and toxins with a healthy, convenient, affordable solution giving fast and effective results.

Through my coaching I go deeper below the surface to uncover what’s causing your current behavior patterns and work with you to create new behaviors that serve you.

I welcome you to take a look around, please invest in yourself. One of my favourite mottos is ‘the time will pass anyway’ What would you like to have achieved in the next 2 weeks / 6 months?

Weight loss? Detox? Mental Clarity? Confidence? Kick start a healthy regime and set a strategy for a healthy lifestyle?

Select one of the options below and take your first step to achieving your health goal.